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In 2001, Congress passed the Economic Growth Tax Recovery Reconciliation Act or EGGTRA, which instituted the Solo or Independent 401K.  The creation of the Solo 401K fundamentally made the Self Directed IRA obsolete, yet almost no one knows anything about it.  Why has this incredible vehicle for financial freedom and independence been kept secret for over 15 years?  Find out everything you need to know about controlling your money, your future and your destiny. Welcome to the 401K page.

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Why Is This Man Smiling?

According to Government statistics there are 314 people in the US who have Roth balances over $25,000,000.  It is interesting that one of them is an expatriate German, one is an American, and one is a Kiwi from New Zealand.

And those three are all Peter Thiel.

Yes, Peter Thiel is a German citizen. He's also a United States citizen and he just acquired citizenship in New Zealand.  He also has over $80,000,000 in his Roth.  That's $80M he'll never pay tax on, and that $80M of earnings he'll never pay tax on.  Ever.

How can a German citizen take advantage of our tax system, while you're not?  What's preventing you from using the same tax rules he uses?

Party Island, the Place to Be

In every analysis and report of Thiel's holdings, his Roth has been referred to as a Roth IRA.  And though it may be now, Thiel certainly didn't amass his wealth in an IRA.  As a matter of fact, he couldn't.  The strategies available for amassing that massive wealth simply don't exist in an IRA.  They do, however, exist in a 401K!

But the same techniques he used to become a tax free millionaire are all available to you!  You can institute the same structures, and using strategies such as leverage and co-investing, you can become a tax-free millionaire too.

The tax code is very clear, and it's very simple.  A Total Autonomy TA 401K with Roth Provisions is available to you TODAY.  You don't need to start a business (You should, but you don't have to.)  You don't need custodians and you don't need on-going fees to pay people to do nothing

Others Have Done It!

Upon reading my book, a young man named Tony from the State of Washington contacted me.  He told me that he began investing in real estate in his Roth IRA at age 19.  He knew nothing of the Roth 401K, but was astounded to discover it. 

I was astounded too. 

I was astounded by his success. He began investing in real estate at age 19 with his first contribution of $5,000.  At age 29, just ten years later, he was worth $2,000,000!  Not bad for starting from scratch.

He was astounded to learn about the Roth 401K.  Even though it existed when he began his investment career, he had not been made aware of it.  If he had invested through his Roth 401K instead of the IRA, he would have been worth closer to $3,000,000 (remember UBIT?).

It can be done; it has been done; and it's being done right now.