Solo or Independent 401K

The True Path to Total Financial Freedom              

The Lie of Self-Directed IRAs and the Truth of Self Direction

In 2001, Congress passed the Economic Growth Tax Recovery Reconciliation Act or EGGTRA, which instituted the Solo or Independent 401K.  The creation of the Solo 401K fundamentally made the Self Directed IRA obsolete, yet almost no one knows anything about it.  Why has this incredible vehicle for financial freedom and independence been kept secret for over 15 years?  Find out everything you need to know about controlling your money, your future and your destiny. Welcome to the 401K page.

IRAs Have Custodians

Roth IRA and Traditional IRA accounts must, BY LAW, have custodians.  These organizations charge a variety of fees for reporting to the IRS activity in your account.  The provide no guidance, counsel or advice, but they can limit your investment options.  Because their fees develop a money trail, that is, an on-going income for the custodian, they tout IRAs to the unsuspecting and uninformed investor.  Find out what those fees can mean to you over your investing career.

Roth IRAs are NOT Tax Free

There is an insidious tax called UBIT that exists inside Roth IRAs that can rob you of 20 - 30% of your profits when you invest in real estate.  Conversely, your return can be 30 - 50% greater in a 401K, for EXACTLY THE SAME INVESTMENT!  Yet financial institutions regularly recommend IRAs to their clients, knowing that this tax impacts investors.  Their fees that develop their money trail is more important than good advice to the public.

IRAs Are Money Prisons

Can you borrow money from your Roth or Traditional IRA?  Can you fund your own start-up business without taking penalty laden distributions?  Do they allow you to deduct the interest you pay yourself?  Do they allow you to buy life insurance or trade on margin?  Do they allow you to do your own reporting at no cost to yourself?

Now is the time to take the handcuffs off and gain true financial freedom.